Local transportation

There are a number of modes of transportation to choose from:

Metered Taxi: the most convenient of all choice, just one phone call away.

  • Indra Kelana: +62-274-565-565
  • Pandawa taxi: +62-274-370-000
  • Armada taxi: +62-274-517-248
  • JAS taxi: +62-274-373-737

Ojek (motorcycle taxi): perhaps less convenient, but is generally cheaper, quicker, and can also be ordered by phone call.

  • O’Jack Taxi Motor: +62-811-307-0707

Bus: Not recommended for foreigners, as the bus system is not immediately clear and requires a lot of asking around. For those with sufficient Bahasa skill, bus is the much cheaper option.



As a country with one of the biggest Muslim community, it is expected for both local and non-local people to dress accordingly with local value. Usually, polite casual attire is acceptable. We recommend attire such as polo shirt, t-shirt, trousers (khaki or chinos) and jeans for your comfort in the hot weather of Yogyakarta. For the duration of the Summer School we expect the participant to observe our dress code which is smart casual.



Yogyakarta time is GMT +7



Citizens from Southeast Asian countries do not need to apply for visa to enter Indonesia. While for those who come from outside of Southeast Asia can apply for Visa on Arrival, which requires no more than passport, return ticket and USD 20.                               



There are only two seasons in Indonesia, dry season and rainy season. Since November will be a rainy season, the weather should be cold and cloudy with the temperature ranging from 25-33 degrees (celsius) during the Summer School.



The official currency of Indonesia is Rupiah (IDR) Symbol = Rp.

Rate: USD 1= approx. Rp. 15,000

Euro1= approx. Rp. 17,500

1 Big Mac (McDonalds) = approx. Rp. 50,000

1 mineral water bottle 600ml = approx. Rp. 3.000