Yogyakarta is a province of Republic of Indonesia located in the southern part of Java Island. It is quite well known as a tourist destination area with rich traditional cultures and beautiful sceneries. Yogyakarta reserves the status of Special District in Indonesia, characterized by the existence of a Sultanate, and the automatic appointment of the Sultan of Yogyakarta as the governor. Yogyakarta is often referred as the city of education, for it has more than 100 higher educational institutions and a vibrant academic community.

In day to day conversation, people usually call Yogyakarta as Yogya or Jogja to make it shorter and easier to say.


As one of the smallest province in Indonesia, the estimated population of Yogyakarta is about 3,45 million people in 2010. With the majority coming from Javanese ethnic, its culture has influenced people’s daily life for years, even though it is fading by modern lifestyle nowadays. Islam is the major religion in Yogyakarta, identical to the other provinces in Java Island. However, Yogyakarta is also known as “Student’s City”, making it become the melting pot area of Indonesia with multicultural society where students from all around the country with different religions come to Yogyakarta to pursue education.


Yogyakarta is accessible through air and land transportation. However, the Adisutjipto International Airport only serve select international routes, namely Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, in addition to various domestic routes. Foreigners typically enter Yogyakarta by flight either from Jakarta or Denpasar (Bali). Alternatively, if one enters Indonesia from Jakarta, the travel to Yogyakarta from Jakarta can be done by train, which at times is considerably cheaper.